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The Last Letter Project is your opportunity to say what is in your heart to your loved ones in the event of your untimely passing. The gift of a "just in case letter" allows you the opportunity to leave something truly special for those you love. Those you leave behind who have to face a future without you.

These letters were traditionally written by military personnel just in case something happened to them while on active duty. But now, thanks to the Last Letter Project, people from all walks of life can create a last letter to their family. 

Your final words are professionally transcribed onto bespoke materials, and then sealed in a manner that fully reflects the value of your last message to your loved ones. 

In this way, when life ends, you can still reach out and touch those you love with words that will stay with them forever. This letter is something far more valuable than any material possession. 

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How it all began...

picture of baby crawlingHaving served in the Armed Forces, and faced what many call the theatre of war, I understand the pain of loss and the fear of losing one's own life.

That experience can forever alter your outlook on life, and in more ways than I can share here.
A little more than a year ago, I received a letter from Charlotte, the daughter of an old friend who had survived the conflict of war, but had lost his battle with cancer.

This is a part of what she wrote to me, and from this was born The Last Letter Project.

Read Charlotte's letter...

A few words about us...

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The team at The Last Letter Project have created an exceptional offering in the form of our "just in case letter" packages. Each letter we create allows you to share your innermost feelings, and your final thoughts, with those you love. This is a gift they will treasure long after you have passed from this life. 

If you are a serving member of the armed forces, or serving in a front line capacity such as the fire service, or police etc., you will appreciate the significance of investing in a farwell letter to be sent to your loved ones in the event of your passing. Words cannot do justice to the immense value that the contents of such a letter can hold for your family. 

To appreciate the true value of a last letter to your family, read Charlotte's amazing story.


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