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Charlotte's Just In Case Letter Experience

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When my Father died, I had no idea that he had left me anything more than memories.  After the funeral my Mother and I went to see our family solicitor for the reading of the Will.  I was all but lost for the better part of that day, and it was not until I arrived home and was alone in the quiet of my room that I realised that along with my copy of the Will, my Father had left me this letter.

I remember thinking how beautifully it had been encased in its golden envelope of parchment, and the sense of curiosity that had risen within me when I saw the wax seals unbroken before me.

My Father had left me something and although my head was still in a fog, my instincts told me that it was important. What he wrote is for my head and my heart alone, but what I can share with you is that since that first time, and it is nearly ten years since he died, I have read that letter every time life has tested me, or when I felt down and alone.  I cannot explain just how important those words were then and are to me today. They still lift my spirit and somehow I sense his presence and his love helping me to keep going.

I have written my own letters to my husband and both my son’s and they now sit in my tomorrow box, the place where my family know to look when my time comes to leave them.  I hope that I have managed to share the love that I have for my children as well as my Father had in his letter to me.  If I leave nothing else behind when that time comes, I know that those letters contain all of the love that I hold in my heart for them all.


Charlottes Father's letter and her words inspired and gave birth to the Project that you can now share in and bring comfort to your loved ones across time.


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