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Personalised Just In Case Letters For Your Family

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handwritten just in case letterArtisanal Workmanship

The act of creating a letter to leave to your family after you die is something worthy of the greatest level of consideration. Your final words will be of huge significance to your loved ones, as will the method in which they're delivered to them.

That's why we take your final thoughts, feelings, wishes and wisdom, and transcribe them to a superior quality parchment paper. This is done so as to reflect the value of those words and the sentiment within them.

Each letter is handwritten by one of our experienced scribes, who take pride in the work they do because they understand its value. 

We also, where possible, identify and add your family crest to your "just in case letter" so as to bring added value to the finished item, and a sense of ownership and family strength to the letters you write.


Assured Confidentiality

There are five main elements to the confidentiality and security of this most personal and extremely private service:


  1. Our scribes and artists work on each project using nothing more than a "job number" as an identifier. They have no idea who the client is, including any type of contact details. This adds to the confidentiality and security we offer each of our clients, and this most precious task that has been entrusted to us.
  2. All drafted copies of the "just in case" letter are destroyed immediately after the client confirms by email that they have received their "Last Letter" package. We only take this step once we have received confirmation that the package is now in the care of the desired recipient. 
  3. Client information is not shared even within the confines of our business. Client information is compartmentalized to ensure its security. 
  4. Your "Last Letter" package is delivered sealed in a padded envelope marked to be opened by the addressee only. This delivery can only be accepted and signed for by the client named on the secure package. The client can then secure the contents of the package, or share them, as they see fit.
  5. Once received, the client may place the letter or letters with their Will and other private documents with their solicitor, or banker, for example. The future security of the letter is in the client's hands from that point onwards as we do not offer a storage service. We feel that documents of this level of importance should be solely under the control of the client.



Should you wish, your family crest can also be added to you letter.  Some examples are shown below.


various family crests


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