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Taking pride in what we do

Your final letter to your family or loved ones should be something they remember forever. That's why each of these treasured documents is created using only the finest materials available. 

Each letter is hand transcribed onto a rich, high-quality paper. The Last Letter Project scribes transfer your words using a carefully selected script or font, one that reflects the care taken to create the contents of your "just in case letter".

Once complete your letter is then placed inside a superior quality envelope to accentuate the overall effect. The envelope is then securely fastened with a Victorian wax seal. Your document or documents are then passed to the desired recipient with the seal still in place and unbroken, ensuring the confidentiality of the contents. 

It is our mission to deliver your words and their meaning using only the finest materials. This demonstrates to the recipient that not only the words you used, but also their presentation was of paramount importance to you.




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